“He hasn’t released it yet, but Shamarr Allen has his hit: Once “My Girl Doesn’t Have Enough Sex With Me” gets out, he’ll be a patron saint to frustrated guys everywhere. It’s one of his classic-R&B styled songs, with a funny (but respectful) Michael Jackson mention in the lyric. When he played it at Congo Square he had most of the guys, and a few of the gals, singing along in agreement.”

OffBeat Magazine, May 2013

“His energetic rapport with the audience and his unconventional approach to brass – he plays trumpet – that brandishes him as different. When I arrive at his set, he’s just finishing up a slightly uplifting, if not frantic rocker that leads him into smashing his instrument into the ground. I’ve never seen a brass musician go all punk rock like that, but it was pretty sweet. Double points for crowd surfing, bringing out an all children’s brass section, and telling everyone to “jump out of their drawers.” Basically, he should be playing every festival, especially with a closing line like this: “I told y’all white people have rhythm.” Hilarious.”


“…This is not a one (rock) note album as it ventures into rap, contemporary rhythm and blues, pop, and a couple of tunes that might suggest a touch of reggae. The biggest difference on this disc is that Allen showcases himself more as prolific songwriter, punchy vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer than he does as the frontman blowing trumpet and singing. “


Feature Story, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA):

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