April 26, 2012

Jazz Fest 2012

JazzFest 2012 Congo Square Poster Featuring Shamarr Allen

Wow, it’s Jazz Fest already.

It’s a musical marathon for two weeks that will keep me pretty busy.

First, I’m so honored to have been chosen to be on the 2012 Congo Square Poster! Being on one of the Jazz Fest posters is one of the things you dream about like winning a Grammy. It’s goal you hope to accomplish in your lifetime and I’m blessed to have been selected. Thank you to Quint, Bud and anyone else who had a hand in selecting me.

The Underdawgs will be playing on the first Saturday, April 28th at 1:30p on the Gentilly Stage. I hope you will all come out and check us out. We are going to be rocking songs from the new CD 504-799-8147 as well as some old stuff and new stuff that isn’t on the CD. If you haven’t picked up the new CD they will have it in the CD Tent and we’ll be over there after we play to sign them too.

Also on Saturday night we’ll be at The Maison on Frenchmen Street so come and hang out with us that night too. We’ll also have The Stooges & Mannie Fresh on the gig that night so you know it’s gonna be a good time! Show starts at 11p so get yourself a shower after the fairgrounds, get something to eat and head to Maison! I got a couple of extra posters I picked up too so that night at Maison we’re going

to give a way a couple of the signed posters, we are talking about the $300 plus posters so don’t miss this show!


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